Bachelor of Business Administration


The BBA program at Imperial College provides a strong foundation in core business disciplines, helping participants to acquire the key competencies needed by all business management students at an undergraduate level.

The BBA program focuses on enhancing the ability to communicate, analyse situations and take decisions using quantitative and qualitative factors, and to develop a holistic view of the different functional areas and the business environment.

Why Imperial

Business education is today at the cross roads. With a large number of colleges offering the BBA program, Imperial College today stands out from the competition by providing an academic and scholastic infrastructure to address core industry needs and close intermeshing with the real business world.


Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year fulltime course which aims towards building future professionals rather than mere degree holders. The course is designed to give students the basic understanding of the management concepts and an understanding of doing business. The structure of the program is so planned that it equips the students to imbibe holistic education and requisite skills. Throughout the coursework students get an opportunity to learn the various aspects of Business and earn the basic managerial skills and communications skills. The program has a concentrated focus of study and the student, at a young age is able to comprehend nuances and tactics of business. This program also lays a knowledgeable foundation for students who may want to pursue higher education in India or internationally.

Career Choices

With the indian economy poised for its next growth stage, BBA graduates have a wide range of career choices open before them. As a general management graduate, bright students can make their futures in both government and private organisations.

Entry Requirements

Students should have successfully cleared their Senior/Higher Secondary School Examination (Class 12)