Bachelor of Arts


The Bachelor of Arts program is among the most flexible degree programs that provide students the freedom between a structured academic system and choosing course options to major(honour) in. The program helps students to develop skills in written and oral communications, critical thinking and problem solving.

A BA student can choose from a wide range of majors, tailoring the degree to suit their career goals and aspirations. Imperial offers Honours options in Education, Economics, History, Political Science, English & Sociology.

Why Imperial

At Imperial we give special emphasis on grooming our students for future leadership roles across a wide range of industries and functions. The BA program has been designed to help students discover their skills and areas of interest while helping them develop critical work skills including but not limited to, communications, problem solving, critical thinking, creative applications etc.

Career Choices

BA graduates have the widest possible career choices open before them including the indian administrative Services (IAS), Travel and tourism, Film and television, Education, Human resource management, Retail,Social Services,Sociology,Economics among a host of others.

Entry Requirements

Students should have successfully cleared their Senior/Higher Secondary School Examination (Class 12)